Display portlet content in a browsable carousel

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<script type="module">
  import uportalContentCarousel from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@uportal/content-carousel';


Content Carousel

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# install with npm
npm install @uportal/content-carousel

# install with yarn
yarn add @uportal/content-carousel

install with maven

    <version>{version number goes here}</version>

install with gradle

compile 'org.webjars.npm:uportal__content-carousel:{version number goes here}'

Usage as Web Component

The component requires a type. It also allows for a carousel-height (in rem units), a fit-to-container property which causes it to size to its container (horizontally), and slick-options.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@uportal/content-carousel"></script>

  slick-options='{ "slidesToShow": 1, "infinite": true, "arrows": true }'


  • type (required, enum[rss, portlet, passthrough]): type of data source to use.
  • source (optional, string): location or content to render in slides.
  • slick-options (optional, slick settings): configuration for slick carousel.
  • carousel-height (optional, string): css height to apply on slides.
  • fit-to-container (optional, boolean): by default carousel will fit content, true will make carousel match width of surrounding container.


Currently this component supports CSS Variables for the following abilities. Defining the following variables will change the function for the component accordingly. They will fall back to the default behavior described below.

You should define this in your custom stylesheet.

:root {
  --cc-hero-text-display: block; // Affects the grey bar at the bottom of slides.  Default is 'block'.


There are three data source types currently supported RSS, Portlet, and Passthrough.


RSS can read any RSS feed that does not require authentication. The URL of the feed must be passed as the source attribute to the component.

<content-carousel type="rss" source="/content.rss"> </content-carousel>


Portlet leverages the portlet registry to display slides. The URL to the registry must be passed as the source attribute to the component. The component will automatically authentice as the current user with uPortal. Specific portlet categories can be displayed by the component by changing the URL. For example /portletRegistry.json?category=Academics will display only portlets within that category.

<content-carousel type="portlet" source="/portletRegistry.json">


Pass through allows for arbitrary HTML to be rendered as slides. Add the HTML into the <content-carousel> and include class="slick-item" on each slide be be rendered.

<content-carousel type="passthrough">
  <div class="slick-item">arbitrary</div>
  <div class="slick-item">content</div>
  <div class="slick-item">displayed</div>
  <div class="slick-item">as</div>
  <div class="slick-item">slides</div>


The HTML content of the component can also be modified using slots.


The header slot goes about the slides, and is outside the slide deck.

<content-carousel type="rss" source="/content.rss">
  <h1 slot="header">Example Header</h1>


The empty slot replaces the carousel when no content was found.

<content-carousel type="rss" source="/content.rss">
  <p slot="empty">Uh Oh, that couldn't be found.</p>


:warning: leveraging the Vue's templating language within a slide will not work until https://github.com/vuejs/vue-web-component-wrapper/issues/8 is resolved :warning:

The slide slot the rendering of individual slides to be changed. The template has access to the following data to display:

interface CarouselItem {
  id: string;
  destinationUrl?: string;
  imageUrl?: string;
  altText?: string;
  title?: string;
  description?: string;
<content-carousel type="rss" source="example.rss">
  <template slot="slide" slot-scope="props">
    <h1 class="slick-item">{{ props.item.title }}</h1>

Usage as Vue component

The component source can also be imported and used directly within other Vue projects.

import contentCarousel from '@uportal/content-carousel/src/components/ContentCarousel.vue';