Basic connections services to help connect to different backend platforms

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_Prtcl resources: Overview, Spec, Dev guide, API reference

This node package includes basic connections services to help connect to different backend platforms. These services include standard funcionality like a retry mechanism, or a ready() function to wait for them to be ready.

List of supported connections:

  • Ethereum: small wrapper around Web3
  • Ipfs: small wrapper around ipfs-http-client
  • Holochain: small wrapper around @holochain/hc-web-client
  • Web server (via http or websockets)


This package depends on @uprtcl/micro-orchestrator and @uprtcl/cortex to import basic types, but doesn't import funcionality from them.


npm install @uprtcl/connections


Import the appropriate connection you would like to use, and make a new instance of it by passing its configuration:

import { EthereumConnection } from '@uprtcl/connections';

const ethConnection = new EthereumConnection({
  provider: provider,
  contractAbi: myContractAbi

await ethConnection.ready();