An exchange for operation request-policy upgrading in urql

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  import urqlExchangeRequestPolicy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@urql/exchange-request-policy';


@urql/exchange-request-policy (Exchange factory)

@urql/exchange-request-policy is an exchange for the urql GraphQL client that will automatically upgrade operation request-policies on a time-to-live basis.

Quick Start Guide

First install @urql/exchange-request-policy alongside urql:

yarn add @urql/exchange-request-policy
# or
npm install --save @urql/exchange-request-policy

Then add it to your client.

import { createClient, dedupExchange, cacheExchange, fetchExchange } from 'urql';
import { requestPolicyExchange } from '@urql/exchange-request-policy';

const client = createClient({
  url: 'http://localhost:1234/graphql',
  exchanges: [
      // The amount of time in ms that has to go by before upgrading, default is 5 minutes.
      ttl: 60 * 1000, // 1 minute.
      // An optional function that allows you to specify whether an operation should be upgraded.
      shouldUpgrade: operation => operation.context.requestPolicy !== 'cache-only',

Now when the exchange sees a cache-first operation that hasn't been seen in ttl amount of time it will upgrade the requestPolicy to cache-and-network.