A wrapper around ShareJS for easier iOS development

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  import usecanvasSharejsWrapper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@usecanvas/sharejs-wrapper';


ShareJS Wrapper

This is a wrapper around the somewhat confusing ShareJS API, and it also tries to simplify handling disconnected WebSocket clients.


The full documentation can be found here.


The ShareJS Wrapper object is an event emitter. Create a wrapper, and the wrapper should take care of setting itself up and emitting events at the proper times.

var ShareJSWrapper = require('sharejs-wrapper');

var share = new ShareJSWrapper({
  accessToken: user.apiAccessToken,
  canvasID: canvasID,
  realtimeURL: 'wss://api.usecanvas.com/realtime',
  orgID: orgID

// Tell the client to connect to the ShareJS server.
share.connect(function onConnect() {
  // Get the current content of the document.

  // Send insert/remove operations to the server.
  share.insert(0, 'insert some text');
  share.remove(0, 'remove some text'.length);

  // Handle an `insert` event from the server.
  share.on('insert', function onInsert(op) {
    // Handle an insert

  // Handle a `remove` event from the server.
  share.on('remove', function onRemove(op) {
    // Handle a remove

 * Handle an unexpected disconnect event from the server. This happens when the
 * client disconnects without having `.disconnect()` called, and several
 * reconnection attempts fail.
share.on('disconnect', function onDisconnect(err) {

// Manually disconnect the client.


An example can be found in test/server/public/main.js.