Webcomponent uvalib-footer following open-wc recommendations

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import uvalibUvalibFooter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@uvalib/uvalib-footer';



This webcomponent follows the open-wc recommendation.


yarn add @uvalib/uvalib-footer


<script type="module">
  import '@uvalib/uvalib-footer/uvalib-footer.js';


Linting with ESLint, Prettier, and Types

To scan the project for linting errors, run

npm run lint

You can lint with ESLint and Prettier individually as well

npm run lint:eslint
npm run lint:prettier

To automatically fix many linting errors, run

npm run format

You can format using ESLint and Prettier individually as well

npm run format:eslint
npm run format:prettier

Testing with Web Test Runner

To run the suite of Web Test Runner tests, run

npm run test

To run the tests in watch mode (for <abbr title="test driven development">TDD</abbr>, for example), run

npm run test:watch

Demoing with Storybook

To run a local instance of Storybook for your component, run

npm run storybook

To build a production version of Storybook, run

npm run storybook:build

Tooling configs

For most of the tools, the configuration is in the package.json to reduce the amount of files in your project.

If you customize the configuration a lot, you can consider moving them to individual files.

Local Demo with web-dev-server

npm start

To run a local development server that serves the basic demo located in demo/index.html