Micro Front Ends

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  import validideUFrontEnds from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@validide/u-front-ends';



A simple framework for integrating multiple micro front-ends as one.


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Not sure how production ready this project is so any feedback is appreciated.


As a developer, if you have worked on the same suite of products for multiple years, you should have realized that no company will stop adding new features to the suite in order to do a complete overhaul of the technology stack. Chances are you will get the change to try new frameworks on new features/products but you will need to find a way to integrate these in the suite.

This project tries to capture some of the solutions I wish I had implemented along the years but did not have the time or knowledge.


Naming stuff is one of the hardest things in programming so:

  • u-front-ends because npm install ยต-front-ends would have been a pain to type.
  • this is my take (I am sure someone might come with a better one) on a client side implementation therefore the packages are prefixed with my name

Documentation and demos