Simple Node.js filesystem keystore

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  import vanioinformatikaSimpleKeystore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vanioinformatika/simple-keystore';


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Simple filesystem based keystore for Node.js

Simple filesystem keystore implementation


const {Keystore, KeystoreReaderFs} = require('@vanioinformatika/simple-keystore')

// initializing keystore
const baseDir = '<directory containing key files>'
const refreshIntervalMillis = 30 * 1000 // 30 secs
const signingKeyPassphrases = { // an object containing passphrases for private keys
  'key_id_1': 'passphrase1',
  'key_id_2': 'passphrase2'
const keystoreReader = new KeystoreReaderFs(baseDir)
const keystore = new Keystore(signingKeyPassphrases, keystoreReader)

// start reading keystore periodically 


// publishing public keys with express.js
router.route('/certs').get((req, res) => {
  const certificateList = keystore.fny.getAllCertificatesAsJWKS()
  res.status(HttpStatus.OK).json({keys: certificateList})

The keys directory has to contain the following files:


The rootCA.cert.pem contains the certificate of the CA that issued the certificates. All other files that end with .privkey.pem and .cert.pem are the private keys and certificates for a given key id.