Discord State Cache

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  import vexeraCache from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vexera/cache';



Discord State Cache written in Typescript.

@vexera/cache is a library for processing Discord state events and updating an external cache accordingly.


const cache = new Cache({
  caches: {
    channels: new MongoDB.ChannelCache(db.collection('channels')),
    guilds: new MongoDB.GuildCache(db.collection('guilds')),
    members: new MongoDB.MemberCache(db.collection('members')),
    users: new MongoDB.UserCache(db.collection('users')),
    voiceStates: new MongoDB.VoiceStateCache(db.collection('voiceStates')),
  send(shardID, event) {

shards.on('event', (shardID, event) => {
  cache.receive({ ...event, shard_id: shardID });

See a larger, real example

Usage Notes

  • All events should be sent with a shard_id field, an integer of the shard id that the event came from.
  • A IDENTIFYING event should be sent when the shard has started identifying with the Discord gateway.