Nodes to connect to the Manufacturing Service Bus (MSB) developed by VFK Research (Fraunhofer IPA)

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MSB integration in node-RED flows

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Compatibility Matrix

Version compatibility to MSB versions:

1.0.x x


If you want to contribute, please read the Contribution Guidelines.

If you want to know how to use this integration in your own node-RED flows, read below.

What is VFK MSB

TODO: Link to general documentation about VFK MSB

You can use this integration to connect a node-RED flow to VFK MSB.

Install package to node-RED

Install npm package to your node-RED instance:

npm install node-red-contrib-msb

or add the node-red-contrib-msb package via the node-RED package manager.

Available nodes

Available nodes:

  • msb-object node: Main node to set up the self-description and connection to MSB
  • msb-event node: Node to link messages to an MSB event (always wire its output to the msb-object node)
  • msb-config node: Node to get the current value of a MSB configuration parameter

Sample flow

You can use this sample flow to test the capabilities of the nodes:

Sample node-RED flow

To connect the flow to an MSB instance and test it, some steps need to be done:

  1. Update following field in the msb-object node:
    • UUID: You can create UUIDs using this Online Generator.
    • Token: Choose your token to be used in MSB verification later
    • MSB-URL: Set the URL to your MSB instance (websocket interface)
  2. Deploy the flow - this will establish the connection to MSB
  3. Verify your node app in MSB GUI
  4. Now you are ready to test messages from the node app to MSB (use the inject-nodes)
  5. Optional: if you also want to test incoming messages from MSB to the node app, you can add an integration flow in MSB GUI linking hte node app events to its functions (just for testing) e.g. Sample node-RED flow


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