A online psychology experiment library

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<script type="module">
  import vijaymarupudiReactionTime from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vijaymarupudi/reaction-time';



A javascript / typescript library for online psychology experiments.

What is a timeline generator?

A timeline generator is an async or normal iterator that yields plugins.

What is a plugin?

function plugin(screen: HTMLElement);

More specifically, a plugin is a closure function that contains the configuration for the experiment. The core of reaction-time has no idea of what the configuration provided to the plugin was.

It is responsibility of the plugin to include the configuration in the final data object it returns, along with identifying information about which plugin was run.


import * as RT from '@vijaymarupudi/reaction-time' // if using a bundler

const exp = new RT.Experiment()

exp.init(function*() {
  yield RT.plugins.jsPsych({
    type: 'html-button-response',
    // ...


  • reaction-time-core comes with Sequence and makePlugin, the bare minimum you need for a DIY experiment.
  • In addition, reaction-time comes with plugins and tachyons for css.
  • In addition, reaction-time-jspsych comes with jsPsych (including it's css).


  • RT.plugins.jsPsych does not call jsPsych.pluginAPI.reset(). This will not impact data collection.