This package contains base abstract interfaces. Generally, you do not want to look at this repository, as there's nothing more than philosophycal reasonments that aren't exactly that pragmatic.

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Prism is a set of packages for API mocking with OpenAPI v2 (formerly known as Swagger) and OpenAPI v3.

For example, given an API description document you can spin up a mock HTTP server and respond realistically based on your requests

Demo of Prism Mock Server being called with curl from the CLI

Note: This branch refers to Prism 3.x, which is the current version most likely you will use. If you're looking for the 2.x version, look at the 2.x branch


Prism requires NodeJS >= 12 to properly work.

npm install -g @stoplight/prism-cli

# OR

yarn global add @stoplight/prism-cli

For more installation options, see our installation documentation.


You can find Prism documentation on Stoplight.io.

What's next for Prism?

  • Content Negotiation
  • Security Validation
  • Custom Mocking
  • Validation Proxy
  • Recording / "Learning" mode to create spec files
  • Data Persistence (allow Prism act like a sandbox)


Cannot access mock server when using docker?

Prism uses localhost by default, which usually means When using docker the mock server will be unreachable outside of the container unless you run the mock command with -h

Why am I getting 404 errors when I include my basePath?

OpenAPI v2.0 had a concept called "basePath", which was essentially part of the HTTP path the stuff after host name and protocol, and before query string. Unlike the paths in your paths object, this basePath was applied to every single URL, so Prism v2.x used to do the same. In OpenAPI v3.0 they merged the basePath concept in with the server.url, and Prism v3 has done the same.

We treat OAS2 host + basePath the same as OAS3 server.url, so we do not require them to go in the URL. If you have a base path of api/v1 and your path is defined as hello, then a request to http://localhost:4010/hello would work, but http://localhost:4010/api/v1/hello will fail. This confuses some, but the other way was confusing to others. Check the default output of Prism CLI to see what URLs you have available.


If you are interested in contributing to Prism itself, check out our contributing docs ⇗ and code of conduct ⇗ to get started.


Prism is built on top of lots of excellent packages, and here are a few we'd like to say a special thanks to.

Check these projects out!