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  import vxHierarchy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vx/hierarchy';



Many datasets are intrinsically hierarchical. This package contains several react components for visualizing hierarchical data and largely mirrors d3-hierarchy.

Many components take the same input hierarchy data root node as defined in as specified in the d3-hierarchy module. For convenience, this package also exports the d3-hierarchyutility to generate this format.

// equivalent to `import { hierarchy } from 'd3-hierarchy';`
import { hierarchy } from '@vx/hierarchy';

const root = hierarchy({
  name: 'root',
  children: [
    { name: 'child #1' },
      name: 'child #2',
      children: [{ name: 'grandchild #1' }, { name: 'grandchild #2' }, { name: 'grandchild #3' }],


npm install --save @vx/hierarchy