Simple resumable timeout handler written in TypeScript.

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  import wavevisionTimer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wavevision/timer';


Wavevision s.r.o.


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Simple utility for creating resumable timeouts written in TypeScript. Works both in Node and browser environments.


Via Yarn

yarn add @wavevision/timer

or npm

npm install --save @wavevision/timer


Create your own timer.

import timer from '@wavevision/timer';

timer(() => alert('Time is up!'), 1000);
// this timer will be auto-started
timer(() => alert('Hello!'), 500, true);

The returned object exposes following functions:

  • clear(): void – clears the timeout
  • pause(): number – pauses the timeout, returns remaining time
  • remains(): number – returns remaining time
  • restart(): void – clears and starts the timeout over again
  • resume(): void – resumes the timeout (or starts if not running)
  • running(): boolean – returns whether the timeout is running at the moment
  • start(): void – starts the timeout (or resumes if paused)