Produce HAST compatible AST from Webparser

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  import wayoweHastUtilFromWebparser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wayowe/hast-util-from-webparser';



Produce HAST compatible AST from Webparser




Say we have the following file, example.html:

<!DOCTYPE html><title>Hello!</title>
<h1 id="world">World!<!--after--></h1>

And our script, example.js, looks as follows:

const vfile = require('to-vfile')
const inspect = require('unist-util-inspect')
const HtmlParser = require('@wayowe/webparser').HtmlParser
const fromWebparser = require('@wayowe/hast-util-from-webparser')

const filepath = 'example.html'
const doc = vfile.readSync(filepath)
const result = new HtmlParser({
  ignoreFirstLf: false,
  decodeEntities: false,
  selfClosingCustomElements: true
}).parse(String(doc), filepath)

const hast = fromWebparser(result.rootNodes)

Now, running node example yields:

root[3] [data={"selfClosing":false}]
├─ doctype (1:1-1:15, 0-15) [name="html"]
├─ element[1] (1:15-1:36, 15-36) [tagName="title"][data={"selfClosing":false}]
│  └─ text: "Hello!" (1:22-1:28, 22-28)
└─ element[2] [tagName="h1"][properties={"id":"world"}][data={"selfClosing":false}]
   ├─ text: "World!" (1:51-1:57, 51-57)
   └─ comment: "after" (1:57-1:61, 57-61)


fromWebparser(rootNodes[, options])

Transform an Node to a HAST Node.