This library was generated with Angular CLI version 7.2.0.

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  import webercodeFormErrors from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@webercode/form-errors';


Webercode Form Errors Module for Angular

This library was generated with Angular CLI version 7.2.0.

To quickly get started using this library, follow these steps:

  1. Run npm i @webercode/form-errors inside your project.
  2. Import the WcFormErrorsModule where appropriate.
  3. Import the WcValidators class which expands and improves on the default Validators class shipped with @angular/forms and use these validators in your forms.
  4. In your template use <wc-form-errors></wc-form-errors> provided by the WcFormErrorsComponent to display your errors.


Below are details on the symbols exported by this library.


All of the validators attached to the Validators class from @angular/forms have been implemented here except that they take more options than the original validators and return errors with a generic string messages. All validators can be handed options that, at a minimum, have the following signature: opts: { error?: string }. If you don't like the default message, you can override it using this property.

NOTE: error?: string may eventually change to something like error?: string|(v: any, opts: any) => string.

The following validators have been improved: required, requiredTrue, email, max, min, maxLength, minLength, and pattern.


To use the WcFormErrorsComponent in a template, make sure you have imported WcFormErrorsModule appropriately. Then, in your template:

<wc-form-errors [errors]="formControl.errors" [separator]="', '"></wc-form-errors>

The default behavior is to list all the string errors on the form control errors object with a single <br> in between. If you would instead like the errors to be separated by a string of some sort, use the [separator] input. E.g. for comma separated errors, use separator=", ".

NOTE: no special <div>'s or any other such tags have been used (except for <br>) so as not to interefere with a project's custom CSS/SCSS. If this doesn't fit your purpose, you are free to look at the source code, extract the idea, and implement it in your own way! Or, submit a PR with the suggested change and I'll try to take a look at it as soon as possible =)