A basic Whook server

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A basic Whook server

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This is a basic Whook server demonstrating the various usages of the Whook framework to build REST APIs.


To run the server in production:

npm it
NODE_ENV=production npm start

You can understand deeply this repository and Whook's internal by simply reading the Architecture Notes. The "See in context" links drive your directly in the concerned implementation so that you can just see the code that explains the notes.

Feel free to continue creating architecture notes and to regenerate the markdown file by running:

npm run architecture


Start the server in development:

# Simple dev mode
npm run dev

# Watch mode
npm run watch

Create a new endpoint / service / provider or command:

npx whook create

Play with the REPL:

npm run whook-repl

List available commands:

npx whook ls

Generate API types:

npm run apitypes


Execute a handler in isolation:

npx whook handler --name putEcho --parameters '{"body": { "echo": "YOLO!" }}'

Debug whook internals:

DEBUG=whook npm run dev

Debug knifecycle internals (dependency injection issues):

DEBUG=knifecycle npm run dev