A package to help us generate tymly-docs as Markdown files

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  import wmfsTymlyDocGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wmfs/tymly-doc-generator';



Tymly Package npm (scoped) CircleCI

A package to help us generate tymly-docs as Markdown files

Tymly-doc-generator (with the aid of the Tymly-gatherer package) generates a series of Markdown files that describe the contents of any Tymly shaped repo


$ npm install @wmfs/tymly-doc-generator


  • If a TYMLY_MONOREPO_PATH environment variable is set, then the generation tests will generate locally.
  • If TYMLY_MONOREPO_PATH isn't set, then only Standard.js tests will be performed.
Variable Description
TYMLY_MONOREPO_PATH MANDATORY: Where the root tymly dir can be found (inside this should be the blueprints, plugins, packages etc. dirs). So something like C:/development/tymly`.
DEBUG Optional: Supply if you want to see what's going on, e.g. tymly-gatherer,tymly-doc-generator
TYMLY_DOCS_OUTPUT_PATH Where the docs dir is going to be written (note the docs dir itself will be written). So to target the tymly-website project, you should set it to something like C:/development/tymly-website. NOTE: Some sub-directories (e.g. /docs/reference) will be deleted on generation, so make sure to get this one right! :smiley:
TYMLY_DOCS_SKIP_GATHERING Optional: Only supplying true will change behaviour. If you do this then the gathering phase will be omitted (relying instead on a previously-generated $TYMLY_DOCS_OUTPUT_PATH/gathered-info.json file... so you'll need to have generated with no skipping at least once before trying this).


With the environment variables set...

npm run generate


$ npm run test