A tool for running tymlys

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A configurable environment for running Tymly instances.


$ npm test

Environment Variables

Before starting, please set following environment variables:

Variable Name Description
PG_CONNECTION_STRING Connection string pointing to a specific PostgreSQL database, e.g. PG_CONNECTION_STRING=postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/my_test_db.
TYMLY_AUTH_SECRET A secret or private key used when signing JWT Tokens. For example TYMLY_AUTH_SECRET=Shh!.
TYMLY_AUTH_AUDIENCE Specifies an audience (aud) alongside TYMLY_AUTH_SECRET when signing a JWT, e.g. TYMLY_AUTH_AUDIENCE="I am the audience!".
TYMLY_PLUGINS_PATH Plugin directories to use at boot-time, ; delimited if multiple sources. For example: TYMLY_PLUGINS_PATH="/plugins/production/*-plugin;/plugins/development/*-plugin".
TYMLY_BLUEPRINTS_PATH Exactly the same as TYMLY_PLUGINS_PATH, but used to specify the location(s) of blueprints to load at boot time, e.g. TYMLY_BLUEPRINTS_PATH="/blueprints/production/*-blueprint;/plugins/development/*-blueprint".
TYMLY_EXCLUDED_PLUGIN_NAMES A ; delimited string of plugin names ('i.e. the top-level directory name) to exclude from the boot process.`
TYMLY_EXCLUDED_BLUEPRINT_NAMES A ; delimited string of blueprint names ('i.e. the top-level directory name) to exclude from the boot process.`
TYMLY_ADMIN_USERID Identifies a username (that will be decoded from incoming JWT tokens) which should be treated as an administrator. For example: TYMLY_ADMIN_USERID=bigboss.
TYMLY_ADMIN_ROLES Indicates which roles should be automatically granted to the user identified by TYMLY_ADMIN_USERID (delimited by ,). For example: TYMLY_ADMIN_ROLES=tymly_admin.
DEBUG We use the debug package, where Tymly plugin and state names equate to debug modules, for example: DEBUG=tymly,processingCscFiles,-express.


$ npm run start



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