Flattened XML file to CSV file

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<script type="module">
  import wmfsXmlFlatten2csv from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wmfs/xml-flatten2csv';



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Takes an XML file and transforms it into a CSV file, based on a mapping you provide.
One XML element and its contents can be transformed into multiple CSV output lines.


$ npm install xml-flatten2csv --save


const xmlFlatten2csv = require('xml-flatten2csv')

    xmlPath: 'path/to/file.xml',
    csvPath: 'path/to/file.csv',
    rootXMLElement: 'Episode',
    pivotPath: '$.People.Person',
    headerMap: [
      ['$.Title', 'title', 'string'],
      ['@.Name', 'name', 'string'],
      [{ test: '@.Age<=16', value: 'yes'}, 'child', 'string'],
      [{ test: '@.Age>16', select: '@.Age'}, 'age', 'integer']
.then(() => console.log("Done!"))
.catch(err => console.error(err))


        <Title>Cape Feare</Title>
                <Name>Sideshow Bob</Name>
        <Title>Homer Loves Flanders</Title>
                <Name>Ned Flanders</Name>


"Cape Feare","Bart","yes",
"Cape Feare","Marge",,36
"Cape Feare","Lisa","yes",
"Cape Feare","Sideshow Bob",,
"Homer Loves Flanders","Homer",,39
"Homer Loves Flanders","Ned Flanders",,60



Property Type Notes
xmlPath string A path to the xml input file.
csvPath string The path and filename of the generated CSV output file (note that any intermediate folders will be created).
rootXMLElement string The XML root tag for each subtree to process,
pivotPath string The jsonpath of the elements to split records on
headerMap [array] See the Header Map section for more details.
options object See Additional options


options.headerMap has the structure:

    [selector, csvHeader, type],
    [selector, csvHeader, type],
  • selector is either a jsonpath into the subtree, or a condition consisting of a jsonpath test and either a value or a jsonpath into the subtree
  • type must be integer, date or string

For straightforward linear transformations, where one XML subtree maps to one line of CSV output, consider xml2csv instead.

Additional Options

The additional options are a set of key-value pairs -

Option Notes
namespace How to handle namespace prefixes - omit to do nothing, 'strip' to remove prefixes, or any other string to replace the ':' with something else
xmllang If set to 'wrap', when an element has an xml:lang attribute, create an intermediate wrapper element of named for the attribute value. Eg <description xml:lang='en'>Sunny</description> would effectively become <description><en>Sunny</en></description>, and can be addressed as $.description.en in the header map.
transform A transformation function applied to the selected JSON objects before running the header map queries. The modified JSON should be the return value of the function, even if it's changed in-place.


$ npm test