Collection of various 'is ... ?' checks

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Collection of various 'is ... ?' checks.


Check Windows/Linux binary x64 or x86

import { is64bit, is32bit } from "@xan105/is";
const is64 = await is64bit("path/to/executable");
const is32 = await is32bit("path/to/executable");

Check is PNG file

import { isPNG } from "@xan105/is";
const is = await isPNG("path/to/img");

Check winver

import * as check from "@xan105/is";
check.isWin64(); //64-bits

Check type

import * as check from "@xan105/is";

check.isStringNotEmpty("hello world");

perform the same check but throw an error instead.

import { shouldWin10orGreater } from "@xan105/is/assert";
import { assert } from "@xan105/is";

assert.shouldStringNotEmpty("hello world");


npm install @xan105/is


⚠️ This module is only available as an ECMAScript module (ESM)

Named export

is64bit(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

Check if it's a 64-bits (x86_64) Windows or Linux binary.

is32bit(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

Same as above but for a 32-bits (x86) Windows or Linux binary.

isPNG(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

isJPG(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

isICO(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

isGIF(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

isWEBP(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

isQOI(filePath: string): Promise<boolean>

isIP(value: string): boolean

isIPv4(value: string): boolean

isIPv6(value: string): boolean

isArray(value: any): boolean

isArrayNotEmpty(value: any): boolean

isArrayOfString(value: string[]): boolean

isArrayOfStringNotEmpty(value: string[]): boolean

isArrayOfNumber(value: number[]): boolean

isArrayOfInteger(value: number[], safe?: boolean): boolean

isArrayOfIntegerPositive(value: number[], safe?: boolean): boolean

isArrayOfIntegerPositiveOrZero(value: number[], safe?: boolean): boolean

isArrayOfIntegerWithinRange(value: number[], min: number, max: number, safe?: boolean): boolean

isArrayOfObj(value: any): boolean

isArrayOfObjWithProperties(value: any): boolean

isArrayOfBuffer(value: any): boolean

isBigInt(value: any): boolean

isBigIntPositive(value: BigInt): boolean

isBigIntPositiveOrZero(value: BigInt): boolean

isBigIntWithinRange(value: BigInt, min: BigInt, max: BigInt): boolean

isBoolean(value: any): boolean

isBuffer(value: any): boolean

isInteger(value: number, safe?: boolean): boolean

isIntegerPositive(value: number, safe?: boolean): boolean

isIntegerPositiveOrZero(value: number, safe?: boolean): boolean

isIntegerWithinRange(value: number, min: number, max: number, safe?: boolean): boolean

isObj(value: any): boolean

isObjNotEmpty(value: any): boolean

as in a "plain obj" and not a JS obj so {}, new Object() and Object.create(null).

isString(value: any): boolean

isStringNotEmpty(value: string): boolean

isHexString(value: string): boolean

isWindows(): boolean

isWindowsX86(): boolean

alias: isWin32(): boolean

isWindowsX64(): boolean

alias: isWin64(): boolean

isWin11orGreater(): boolean

isWin10orGreater(): boolean

isWin8orGreater(): boolean

isWin7orGreater(): boolean

isWin11orLesser(): boolean

isWin10orLesser(): boolean

isWin8orLesser(): boolean

isWin7orLesser(): boolean

isWin11(): boolean

isWin10(): boolean

isWin8(): boolean

isWin7(): boolean


same as above: perform the same check but throw an error instead.

should64bit (filePath: string): Promise<void>

should32bit (filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldPNG(filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldJPG(filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldICO(filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldGIF(filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldWEBP(filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldQOI(filePath: string): Promise<void>

shouldIP(value: string): void

shouldIPv4(value: string): void

shouldIPv6(value: string): void

shouldArray(value: any): void

shouldArrayNotEmpty(value: any): void

shouldArrayOfString(value: string[]): void

shouldArrayOfStringNotEmpty(value: string[]): void

shouldArrayOfNumber(value: number[]): void

shouldArrayOfInteger(value: number[], safe?: boolean): void

shouldArrayOfIntegerPositive(value: number[], safe?: boolean): void

shouldArrayOfIntegerPositiveOrZero(value: number[], safe?: boolean): void

shouldArrayOfIntegerWithinRange(value: number[], min: number, max: number, safe?: boolean): void

shouldArrayOfObj(value: any): void

shouldArrayOfObjWithProperties(value: any): void

shouldArrayOfBuffer(value: any): void

shouldBigInt(value: any): void

shouldBigIntPositive(value: BigInt): void

shouldBigIntPositiveOrZero(value: BigInt): void

shouldBigIntWithinRange(value: BigInt, min: BigInt, max: BigInt): void

shouldBoolean(value: any): void

shouldBuffer(value: any): void

shouldInteger(value: number, safe?: boolean): void

shouldIntegerPositive(value: number, safe?: boolean): void

shouldIntegerPositiveOrZero(value: number, safe?: boolean): void

shouldIntegerWithinRange(value: number, min: number, max: number, safe?: boolean): void

shouldObj(value: any): void

shouldObjNotEmpty(value: any): void

shouldString(value: any): void

shouldStringNotEmpty(value: string): void

shouldHexString(value: string): void

shouldWindows(): void

shouldWindowsX86(): void

alias: shouldWin32(): void

shouldWindowsX64(): void

alias: shouldWin64(): void

shouldWin11orGreater(): void

shouldWin10orGreater(): void

shouldWin8orGreater(): void

shouldWin7orGreater(): void

shouldWin11orLesser(): void

shouldWin10orLesser(): void

shouldWin8orLesser(): void

shouldWin7orLesser(): void

shouldWin11(): void

shouldWin10(): void

shouldWin8(): void

shouldWin7(): void