super-simple async PDF reader that extracts text with x,y page positions based on pdf.js

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  import yoingPdfJsExtract from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@yoing/pdf.js-extract';



extracts text from PDF files

This is just a library packaged out of the examples for usage of pdf.js with nodejs.

It reads a pdf file and exports all pages & texts with coordinates. This can be e.g. used to extract structured table data.

This package includes a build of pdf.js. why? pdfs-dist installs not needed dependencies into production deployment.

Note: NO OCR!



test license

Example Usage

javascript async with callback

const PDFExtract = require('pdf.js-extract').PDFExtract;
const pdfExtract = new PDFExtract();
const options = {}; /* see below */
pdfExtract.extract('test.pdf', options, (err, data) => {
  if (err) return console.log(err);

typescript async with promise

import {PDFExtract, PDFExtractOptions} from 'pdf.js-extract';
const pdfExtract = new PDFExtract();
const options: PDFExtractOptions = {}; /* see below */
pdfExtract.extract('test.pdf', options)
  .then(data => console.log(data))
  .catch(err=> console.log(err));


export interface PDFExtractOptions {
  firstPage?: number; // default:`1` - start extract at page nr
  lastPage?: number; //  stop extract at page nr, no default value
  password?: string; //  for decrypting password-protected PDFs., no default value
  verbosity?: number; // default:`-1` - log level of pdf.js
  normalizeWhitespace?: boolean; // default:`false` - replaces all occurrences of whitespace with standard spaces (0x20).
  disableCombineTextItems?: boolean; // default:`false` - do not attempt to combine  same line {@link TextItem}'s.

Example Output

  "filename": "helloworld.pdf",
  "meta": {
    "info": {
      "PDFFormatVersion": "1.7",
      "IsAcroFormPresent": false,
      "IsCollectionPresent": false,
      "IsLinearized": true,
      "IsXFAPresent": false
    "metadata": {
      "_metadata": {
        "dc:format": "application/pdf",
        "dc:creator": "someone",
        "dc:title": "This is a hello world PDF file",
        "xmp:createdate": "2000-06-29T10:21:08+11:00",
        "xmp:creatortool": "Microsoft Word 8.0",
        "xmp:modifydate": "2013-10-28T15:24:13-04:00",
        "xmp:metadatadate": "2013-10-28T15:24:13-04:00",
        "pdf:producer": "Acrobat Distiller 4.0 for Windows",
        "xmpmm:documentid": "uuid:0205e221-80a8-459e-a522-635ed5c1e2e6",
        "xmpmm:instanceid": "uuid:68d6ae6d-43c4-472d-9b28-7c4add8f9e46"
  "pages": [
      "pageInfo": {
        "num": 1,
        "scale": 1,
        "rotation": 0,
        "offsetX": 0,
        "offsetY": 0,
        "width": 200,
        "height": 200
      "links": [
      "content": [
          "x": 70,
          "y": 150,
          "str": "Hello, world!",
          "dir": "ltr",
          "width": 64.656,
          "height": 12,
          "fontName": "Times"
  "pdfInfo": {
    "numPages": 1,
    "fingerprint": "1ee9219eb9eaa49acbfc20155ac359c3"