Build Tracker server plugin for MariaDB

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  import zeusdeuxPluginWithMariadb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@zeusdeux/plugin-with-mariadb';



A server-configuration plugin for Build Tracker to enable reading build data from a MariaDB database.

Connecting your Build Tracker application to a Maria database is easy with the help of @zeusdeux/plugin-with-mariadb


yarn add @zeusdeux/plugin-with-mariadb@latest
# or
npm install --save @zeusdeux/plugin-with-mariadb@latest


Edit your build-tracker.config.js file and compose your output configuration:

const withMariadb = require('@zeusdeux/plugin-with-mariadb');

module.exports = withMariadb({
  pg: {
    user: '', // default: process.env.MARIAUSER
    host: '', // default: process.env.MARIAHOST
    database: '', // default: process.env.MARIADATABASE
    password: '', // default: process.env.MARIAPASSWORD
    port: 3306 // default: process.env.MARIAPORT

All configuration options that are able to fall back on process.env environment variables can be written to your systems ENV or to a local .env file via dotenv.

host: string = process.env.MARIAHOST

Database host.

database: string = process.env.MARIAPASSWORD

Database name.

user: string = process.env.MARIAUSER

Database username with read access.

password: string = process.env.MARIADATABASE

Password for the given database username.

port: number = process.env.MARIAPORT = 3306

Database host port.