A typescript decorator for pure methods which improves your performance.

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  import zherdevTsCache from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@zherdev/ts-cache';



A decorator for pure methods which improves performance

If you have a complicated method which is called many times and takes a long time you can just add @Cache() decorator to it.

import { Cache } from '@zherdev/ts-cache';

class ExampleClass {

    method(count: number): number {
        console.log(`Execution with value: ${count}`);
        let sum = 0;
        for (let i = 0; i < count; i++) {
        return sum;


const obj = new ExampleClass();

const res1 = obj.method(1000000); // Takes some time
const res2 = obj.method(1000000); // Instant execution
const res3 = obj.method(9999999); // Takes some time

console.log(res1, res2);
console.log(`res1: ${res1}`);
console.log(`res2: ${res2}`);
console.log(`res3: ${res3}`);

/* Console output
   Execution with value: 1000000
   Execution with value: 9999999
   res1: 1000000
   res2: 1000000
   res3: 9999999

You can see that obj.method() was called twice but executed only once. Anyway we have the same result in both variables: res1 and res2. It's because every time when you call your method with the same arguments as once before it returns result instantly. @Cache() decorator just keeps it in memory.

Be careful with @Cache() decorator. It may cause some unexpected behavior if your method need to be executed every time it's called.