JS / Node API for Kusama/Polkadot app running (Ledger Nano S/X)

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  import zondaxLedgerSubstrate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@zondax/ledger-substrate';


ledger-substrate (JS Integration)


License npm version

This package provides a basic client library to communicate with Substrate Apps running in a Ledger Nano S/X devices

Additionally, it provides a hd_key_derivation function to retrieve the keys that Ledger apps generate with BIP32-ED25519. Warning: the hd_key_derivation function is not audited and depends on external pacakges. We recommend using the official Substrate Ledger apps in recovery mode.

Run Tests

  • Prepare your Ledger device (for instance, use https://github.com/zondax/ledger-kusama)

    • Prepare as development device:

    • Build & load the Kusama app

      • Load the Kusama App
  • Install all dependencies and run tests

yarn install
yarn test:integration