A CLI for the ACM class online judge

Usage no npm install needed!

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ACM Online Judge CLI Helper

This is a simple script to help you submit code to ACM Class Online Judge right in your terminal, within a single command.


acmoj runs on Node. You need to install that first.

sudo apt install nodejs # if you haven't yet
sudo npm install -g acmoj

Signing in

Run acmoj login to sign in, acmoj logout to sign out. acmoj login -r (or --remember) will save your password on local disk, so you will not need to enter the password again after the session has expired.

Submitting C++ files

acmoj submit <problemId> [sourceFile]. If sourceFile is omitted, for example, acmoj submit 1000, then it would try to find a file in these locations:

  • 1000.hpp
  • src/1000.hpp
  • 1000.h
  • src/1000.h
  • 1000.cpp
  • src/1000.cpp
  • main.cpp

Submitting git repositories

First configure the problem ID with acmoj git <problemId>. This command will create a .acmojrc file in the root directory of your git repository containing the problem ID.

When you are ready to submit, run acmoj submit with no additional parameters.