A framework for creative video and image processing on the web.

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What is Aconite?

Aconite is a framework for creative video processing on the web. It is an early-stage project developed by Colin Clark, and probably isn't yet suitable for use unless you're particularly adventurous and community-minded.

Building and Testing Aconite

How to Build Aconite

You'll need Grunt installed globally if you don't already have it. Here's how:

npm install -g grunt-cli

To download all of Aconite's dependencies and build it, run the following commands:

npm install

Running Aconite's Test Suite

Aconite's test suite can be run in all available browsers using Testem. You'll need to have it installed globally if you don't already. Here's how:

npm install testem -g

Then, Testem can run the whole test suite on all the browsers installed on your computer. Just run:

npm test

Alternatively, if you'd like to only run the tests in one browser, you can open the test suite tests/unit/all-tests.html file by hand in your browser.