Easy task scheduling for AdonisJS

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Adonis Scheduler Provider

NPM Version

This library provides an easy way to schedule recurring tasks for AdonisJS v4.


npm install --save adonis-cron


Register it in start/app.js:

const providers = [

const aliases = {
  Scheduler: 'Adonis/Addons/Scheduler'

Register the commands:

const aceProviders = [


Starting the scheduler

Starting an instance of the kue listener is easy with the included ace command. Simply run node ace run:scheduler.

The provider looks for jobs in the app/Tasks directory of your AdonisJS project and will automatically register a handler for any tasks that it finds.

Creating your first task

Jobs are easy to create. Run node ace make:task Example. They expose the following properties:

Name Required Type Static Description
schedule true many true The schedule for which the task should run. More docs.
handle true function false A function that is called for this task.


Special thanks to the creator(s) of AdonisJS for creating such a great framework.