a sdk for agilicus apis

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import agilicus from '';



A javascript sdk for Agilicus apis

For dev env :- Run the app on localhost:4200

npm install agilicus
import Agilicus  from 'agilicus';

Login flow

let agilicusAuth = new Agilicus.AgilicusAuth()
await agilicusAuth.initLogin()

User details

  • To get the user details after the login flow is completed
await agilicusAuth.getUser()


  • to set the config
    let config = Agilicus.Config = {
        accessToken: 'ahodihapish57135813',
        baseUrl: ''

Agilicus Apis

  • to get the apis
await Agilicus.Api.UsersApi(config)

Rendered documentation is available.