Shared models, assets, and code for ORE ID projects

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This library shares commonly used models, assets, and utilities for ORE ID projects.

How to use

This project is published to NPM as a private package (under @aikon). You must have an .npmrc file on your machine (with an npmjs access token in it) to install the package


"@aikon/aikon-js": "^2.2.1",

To dynamically update graphql types

  1. Update graphql fragments, queries, or muations in src/graphql
  2. Copy a current graphql access token into a file name .graphqlAccessToken in the root of this project directory IMPORTANT: There should be no New Line after the token value (or you will get a 'is not a legal HTTP header value' error)
  3. Copy an .env file from .env.staging (for ORE ID api-key)
  4. Make sure your Graphql schema changes are in place on oreid-service instance running on localhost:8080
npm run generateGraphql (in root of project)


ts-node generateGraphqlTypes.ts (in root of its directory)

Types will be generated and copied into /src/models/graphql_generated/graphql.ts. To use the updated types in another project, you'll need to create a new Github Release tag and then use that verion tag in package.json in your target project