Implementation of Russell & Norvig, "Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach".

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Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach (AIMA) by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig is the reference textbook on artificial intelligence.

This package implements some of the algorithms and data structures from the AIMA book in function-oriented CoffeeScript, which is compatible with JavaScript. The focus is on code understandability.

Installation and Usage

For using this package as a module in your own Node JavaScript project, install it with the node package manager:

npm install aima

import { Problem, makeEightPuzzle, aStarSearch } from 'aima'

const simpleEightPuzzle = makeEightPuzzle([
  [1, 2, 7],
  [6, 0, 4],
  [8, 3, 5]


Put the above example code in example.mjs and run it:

node example.mjs



Code & More

This is just the beginning of the literate code file. For information on development & contributing, as well as the source code (including many usage examples), please visit the [https;//](Github repository).