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Airbitz Javascript UI

This repo implements a UI layer on top of airbitz-core-js to provide web applications the interface required to do all the accounts management in just a small handful of Javascript API calls. All UI operates in an overlay iframe on top of the current HTML view.

Build from source repo (not needed if using NPM)

npm install to fetch the dependencies. npm run build to create the web bundle.

Or just use the NPM package from your own repo

npm install airbitz-core-js-ui --save

Basic usage

Get an API key from

You'll need an account on the Airbitz Mobile App which you can download for iOS and Android at

On the page, scan the QR code using the Airbitz Mobile App after signing in and register an email address.

Install from npm

npm install airbitz-core-js-ui --save

Include the abcui.js file in your code (using Webpack or any other bundler of your choice):

var abcui = require('airbitz-core-js-ui')

Now start diving in and make some calls

Initialize the library

_abcUi = abcui.makeABCUIContext({'apiKey': 'api-key-here',
                                 'appId': 'com.mydomain.myapp',
                                 'assetsPath': '/path-to-assets/',
                                 'vendorName': 'My Awesome Project',
                                 'vendorImageUrl': ''});

where /path-to-assets/ tells the UI where to find the contents of the assets directory of this node module via HTTP. When updating this node module, you must keep the assets directory up-to-date on your server. We suggest automating this using NPM scripts or any other tool or your choice.

Create an overlay popup where a user can register a new account or login to a previously created account via password or PIN.

_abcUi.openLoginWindow(function(error, account) {
  _account = account;

Login UI

Launch an account management window for changing password, PIN, and recovery questions

_abcUi.openManageWindow(_account, function(error) {


Manage UI

Get or create a wallet inside of the account

_abcUi.openLoginWindow(function(error, account) {
  _account = account;

  // Get the first wallet in the account that matches our required wallet type
  const abcWallet = account.getFirstWallet('wallet:repo:ethereum');
  if (abcWallet == null) {
    // Create an ethereum wallet if one doesn't exist:
    const keys = {
      ethereumKey: new Buffer(secureRandom(32)).toString('hex')
    account.createWallet("wallet:repo:ethereum", keys, function (err, id) {
      if (err) {
        // Yikes. This shouldn't fail except for network or disk errors
      } else {
        _wallet = account.getWallet(id)
        _key = _wallet.keys.ethereumKey
        // Update your UI here
  } else {
    _wallet = abcWallet
    _key = _wallet.keys.ethereumKey
    // Update your UI here

_key can then be used as a secure source of entropy for this wallet within your app

Logoff a user


Sample website repo

See a sample implementation at airbitz-core-js-sample

Test server

Besides the production authentication servers, Airbitz also maintains a test authentication server with a completely separate account namespace. If you would like to use this server for testing, rather than the production server, please run the following code:

localStorage.setItem('airbitzAuthServer', '')

Please note that we occassionally wipe out the test server, so please don't store any vauable assets on there.

Detailed Docs