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I looked for a free API solution to access machine readable AIS Data. This solution uses the free web solutions to crawl the data and returns them in json.

How to use

This is a nodejs web app.



Takes position from MT and from VT and returns the newest example: http://localhost:5000/getLastPosition/211281610


Returns position from VF example: http://localhost:5000/getLastPositionFromVF/


Returns position from MT example: http://localhost:5000/getLastPositionFromMT/211281610


Returns all vessels in area, defined by a list of area keywords example: http://localhost:5000/getVesselsInArea/WMED,EMED

  name: vessel.SHIPNAME,
  id: vessel.SHIP_ID,
  lat: Number(vessel.LAT),
  lon: Number(vessel.LON),
  timestamp: vessel.LAST_POS,
  mmsi: vessel.MMSI,
  imo: vessel.IMO,
  callsign: vessel.CALLSIGN,
  speed: Number(vessel.SPEED),
  area: vessel.AREA_CODE,
  type: vessel.TYPE_SUMMARY,
  country: vessel.COUNTRY,
  destination: vessel.DESTINATION,
  port_current_id: vessel.PORT_ID,
  port_current: vessel.CURRENT_PORT,
  port_next_id: vessel.NEXT_PORT_ID,
  port_next: vessel.NEXT_PORT_NAME,

Install on local machine

Requirements: npm & nodejs.

  1. clone this repo

  2. run npm install

  3. run node index.js

Install as docker container

Requirements: docker

  1. docker build -t ais-api .

  2. docker run -p 5000:5000 ais-api

Deploy to heroku

This application can be easily deployed to heroku, simply install the heroku cli and run the following commands:

heroku create

git push heroku master