AllexJS lib for easy and simple templatization

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Templates Lite

The Templates Lite library exposes:

  • the process function


process processes a templatedescriptor and returns a String.


May take one of several forms, which will result in different behavior of process.

templatedescriptor in String form

If templatedescriptor is a String, process will immediately return templatedescriptor as the final result.

templatedescriptor in template-replacements Object form

templatedescriptor may be an Object with 2 properties: template and replacements.

template must be a String.


replacements may be an Object, in the form

  token1: replacement1,
  tokenN: replacementN

In this case (which is the crucial case), process will traverse the replacements object, and in each (token-replacement) traversal pass, replace all exact (case-sensitive, full-word match) appearances of token with replacement.

token must be a String. replacement may be a String or a templatedescriptor itself.

replacements may also be an Array of Objects in the (token-replacement) form. In this case, process will process each (token-replacement) Object on the given template, in the order given by the replacements Array.

templatedescriptor in template-replacements-prereplacements Object form

This case boils down to the template-replacements case, because process will use a "concatenation" of prereplacements (if such exists) and replacements (if such exists) as the Array of replacement Objects.