JS Client for 68publishers/amp

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AMP Client JS

Advertising Management Platform Client

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Please follow these instructions to get a local copy and setting up it.


  • Git
  • Npm


  1. Clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd amp-client-js
  1. Install npm dependencies
$ npm install

Build and Demo

Use predefined commands for the application's build:

$ npm run build:dev # or prod

Paths of an output files are:

  • ~/build/amp-client.js (dev mode)
  • ~/dist/amp-client.min.js (production mode) respectively ~/dist/amp-client.standalone.min.js.

A simple demo page is located in ~/build/index.html. To show demo in your browser run:

$ npm run start:dev

Then visit the page http://localhost:3000.


Please see the Integration Guide.