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Show busy/loading indicators on Observable, Subscription, Promise, Boolean, Number

For AngularJS 1 branch 1.x

Getting Started

Install with npm.

npm install angular-busy2 --save

Add CgBusyModule as a module dependency for your module. You have to import it with forRoot in any module where you want to provide CgBusyDefaults. Usually you do that in your root module (app.module). If you never import it with forRoot CgBusyDefaults will always be undefined. forRoot takes optional CgBusyOptions as parameter. For every omitted option in the supplied CgBusyOptions the libraries default value will be used.

import {CgBusyModule} from 'angular-busy2';
 imports: [
         backdrop: true
     }) //import it with .forRoot in your root module. provide some optional Options.

In every shared module/sub module you should import CgBusyModule without forRoot unless you want to provide a different instance of CgBusyDefaults


The [cgBusy] directive expects any Observable, Subscription, Promise, Boolean, Number and optional [cgBusyConfig] configuration object.

In other words. You may do this:

<div [cgBusy]="promise"></div>

or this:

<div [cgBusy]="promise"
[cgBusyConfig]="{templateRef: customTemplate, message:message, backdrop:backdrop, delay:delay, minDuration:minDuration}"></div>
  • promise - Required. The promise/Observables (or array of promises/Observables) that will cause the busy indicator to show. Also supports boolean and numbers (truthy values will show loading...)
  • message - Optional. Defaults to 'Please Wait...'. The message to show in the indicator. This value may be updated while the promise is active. The indicator will reflect the updated values as they're changed.
  • backdrop - Optional. Boolean, default is true. If true a faded backdrop will be shown behind the progress indicator.
  • templateRef - Optional. If provided, the given template will be shown in place of the default progress indicator template.
  • delay - Optional. The amount of time to wait until showing the indicator. Defaults to 0. Specified in milliseconds.
  • minDuration - Optional. The amount of time to keep the indicator showing even if the promise was resolved quicker. Defaults to 0. Specified in milliseconds.
  • wrapperClass - Optional. The name(s) of the CSS classes to be applied to the wrapper element of the busy sign/animation. Defaults to undefined. Typically only useful if you wish to apply different positioning to the animation.

Overriding Defaults

The default values for message, backdrop, templateRef, delay, and minDuration may all be overridden by overriding the CgBusyDefaults, like so:

import {CgBusyDefaults} from 'angular-busy2';
  private customTemplateTpl: TemplateRef<any>;

  constructor(private busyDefaults: CgBusyDefaults) {
    this.busyDefaults.delay = 5000;

  ngOnInit() {
    this.busyDefaults.templateRef = this.customTemplateTpl;
<ng-template #customTemplate let-options="options">
  <div class="custom-template">
    <div class="custom-message" [innerHtml]="options.message"></div>

Only the values you'd like overridden need to be specified.

Fork from original angular-busy (cgBusy)