An Angular 6 module to make Dash.js integration in Angular really easy

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import angularDashjsPlayer from '';


Dash.js Angular Module

This is a simple module to wrap Dash.js player in an Angular 6 component.


Include the DashjsPlayerModule in your Angular module, and use the component as follows.

<dashjs-player [src]="''"></dashjs-player>

The video will play automatically, this can be avoided by setting the [autoload]attribute to false.

The component has some methods to expose the dash player, this allows event binding or calling any method directly by getting the elementRef, like this:

// In the component.ts
@ViewChild('dashPlayer') dashPlayer: DashjsPlayerComponent;

ngOnInit() {
  // On init go to second 12
  let dashJS: MediaPlayerClass = this.dashPlayer.getPlayer();;

// In the component HTML
<dashjs-player #dashPlayer [src]="''"></dashjs-player>


This project is still in a very early stage, any contribution is welcome.