<h3 align="center"> ANT CRYPTO </h3>

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Web Crypto library for node, browser and mini program

Supported browsers

webcrypto-shim will be needed if you want to support these browsers having prefixed and buggy webcrypto api implementations:

  • Internet Explorer 11, Mobile Internet Explorer 11,
  • Safari 8 - 10, iOS Safari 8 - 10.

Promise polyfill is also needed to be provided .

These browsers have unprefixed and conforming webcrypto api implementations, so no need in shim:

  • Chrome 43+, Chrome for Android 44+,
  • Opera 24+,
  • Firefox 34+,
  • Edge 12+.
  • Safari 11+.

Supported mini program


  • There are many awesome Web Crypto examples.
  • There is a mini program examples of ant-crypto.