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Golden React Template

This project is a base template for a project in React, where it has all the settings for two environments: development and production, it has bundle optimization and code revision.

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How to use the project locally

- Download the project
- cd golde-react-template
- npm install
- npm install -g babel-cli (if you don't have Babel installed globally)
- npm install -g webpack-cli (if you don't have Webpack installed globally)
- npm install -g webpack (if you don't have Webpack installed globally)
- npm install webpack-bundle-analyzer --save-dev
- npm install sass-loader mini-css-extract-plugin --save-dev
- npm run build:dll
- npm run start
- Go to: http://localhost:3000

Run Linters

You can manually run the stylelinter and eslinter but you have husky configured in githook with precommit to run when you commit.

$ npm run lint || npm run lint:scss

you can omit the hook by adding the flag --no-verify

$ git commit -m "message" --no-verify

Deploy your application in Docker

Lets build the docker image we just created. Make sure you are in the project root directory in your terminal and run the following command

$ docker build . -t react-docker

Lets run container now

$ docker run -p 8000:80 react-docker

Now open http://localhost:8000 in your browser to check its running !

Deploy with Now

To deploy your project run this command

$ now