.NET + React + Ant Design infrastructure for inheritable dynamic forms.

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.NET + React + Ant Design infrastructure for inheritable dynamic forms

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  • Front-end and back-end are separated, exposing a fine set of form-related API;
  • Forms are inheritable, so that the end user does not need to build every form from scratch;
  • Multiple inheritance is supported, meaning that one form can inherit from multiple parent forms;
  • Input styles of form fields are extendable so that you can design your own input box for front-end rendering;
  • Supports built-in fields and custom fields simultaneously, similarly built-in and custom options of select input-box are both supported too.



PM> Install-Package FormCore

Let your Entity Framework Context class inherit from FormCore.Context. E.g.,

public class Context : FormCore.Context {}

Then add migrations.

PM> add-migration

Revise the migration file that was automatically generated, removing foreign key constraints.

Finally apply the migration against your database,

PM> update-database


npm install --save antd-formcore


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Minqi Pan Xiang Yan Chenhui Yu
Minqi Pan Xiang Yan Chenhui Yu



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