Spryker frontend automation tool

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Frontend automation tool (useful for Spryker projects and beyond)


  • node.js 5.0.0 or above;
  • npm 3.6.0 or above;
  • the tool should be installed as global module: you may need admin privileges.


$ npm install -g antelope

How to use it

# test antelope: 
antelope test
# install core deps: 
antelope install
# build assets:
antelope build # it will build the whole project, Zed and Yves
antelope build zed # it will build only Zed assets
antelope build yves # it will build only Yves assets, for all the available themes
antelope build yves --theme|-t demoshop # it will build only Yves assets, just for the specified theme
# use watchers:
antelope build zed --watch|-w
antelope build yves --theme|-t themename --watch|-w
# debug mode:
antelope build yves --debug|-d
# production mode:
antelope build yves --production


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