a *very* slim package for basic DOM operations - few bytes

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import antiquery from '';



You dont need any Big-Ass-Query that weights about 50KB, this library is enough for your needs (probably)

Whats this

this is DOM manipulation language


install by typing

yarn add antiquery --save
# or 
npm install antiquery --save

What is the usage

to use as import/export module use

import $ from 'antiquery'

for older javascript use:

// es2015 compiled with babel
const $ = require('antiquery/es2015').default

// es6
const $ = require('antiquery').default

for browser just use with webpack/backpack dont just include as one of 100's script src's like in 20'th century


then you can use like

  .css({ background: 'black', color: 'white' })

What is ready?

  • what document.querySelector supports (a lot in current browsers)
  • chaining next methods
  • methods:
    • get (index: Number? or returns all)
    • each (fn: Function)
    • parents
    • children
    • find
    • remove
    • addClass (className: String)
    • removeClass (className: String)
    • css (css: Object)
    • hide
    • show
    • text (text: String)
    • html (html: String)
    • animate (className: String, ms: Number)

animate adds css class for duration of ms


by Jacek Pietal