encrypted private messaging

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Public key private messaging.


This is using node-sodium and don't get in my face about how secure/insecure it is. If there is a problem with that library, please help them fix and then send me a pull request for an updated version. Otherwise, use at your own risk for your random sexts.

How to use

var Antisocial = require('antisocial');
var a = new Antisocial({
  dbPath: './db',
  chatPath: './db-chat'

This will set up a private and public key pair for you if it hasn't already been created.

You can access your public key with:


Encrypt a message

Assuming you have the receiver's public key:

a.encrypt('This is a test for the sender', receiverPublicKey, replyId, function (err, c) {

where replyId is the key of the message you are replying to. Set to false if it is a new message.

Decrypt a message

Assuming you have an encrypted message:

a.decrypt(message, receiverPublicKey, function (err, decrypted) {

Display all chats

a.getChats(function (err, chats) {