NPM client for subscribing to custom Meteor publications via ccorcos:any-db

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Lets you subscribe to custom Meteor publications of any database or data source via ccorcos:any-db. Written in ES6, compatible with React Native.

Check out this article.

Getting Started

Simply add the two packages to your project:

meteor add ccorcos:any-db
npm install any-db-client


On the client, create a new DDP connection using node-ddp-client and initalize AnyDb:

var DDPClient = require('ddp-client');
var AnyDb = require('any-db-client');

var ddpClient = new DDPClient({
  url: 'ws://localhost:3000/websocket',
  maintainCollections: false    // so that only AnyDb manages our data

  ddpClient: ddpClient,
  debug: true   // for extra logging

ddpClient.connect(function() {  // after connecting...
  var UsersSub = AnyDb.subscribe('allUsers', [], function(sub) {
    console.log('sub ready',;
    sub.onChange((data) => {
      // data is the entire subscription's dataset
      console.log("new sub data", data);

On the server, set up your publications as you would with ccorcos:any-db (this example uses ostrio:neo4jdriver, but you can use any Fiber-wrapped database library):

var db = new Neo4jDB('http://localhost:7474');

AnyDb.publish('allUsers', function() {
  var allUsersQuery = db.query('MATCH (users:User) RETURN users;').fetch();
  return {
    return node.users;

var userCounter = 0;
Meteor.methods('addUser', function() {
  var user = db.query('CREATE (user:User {props}) RETURN user;', {
    props: {
      _id: userCounter,
      username: 'tests' + ++userCounter
  AnyDb.refresh('allUsers', function() { return true; });
  return user;

Meteor.methods('removeAllUsers', function() {
  var users = db.query('MATCH nodes DELETE nodes;').fetch();
  AnyDb.refresh('allUsers', function() { return true; });
  return users;