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aoLists-webtop - Web interface for aoLists-db.


The aoLists Webtop provide for a web based user interface to the aoLists package.


Installation is via npm: npm install aolists-webtop.

Once installed, you can access the API via localhost:60221


The config.json file has been modified to only contain CHANGES to the default configuration settings, found in server.js. Note that if you are making changes to a sub document (in noSQL parlance), you only need to define the elements that you are changing and not the entire sub-document, for example:

    "server": {
        "port": "80"

will change the port entry but leave all others alone.

Default login

You should create a level manager user in aolists-db that you can use to login and further configure the package.

User documentation

The user documentation (or manual) will be located at It is a work in progress.


  • Are all indicated in package.json. So far I indicate the lowest version with which I tested the code. Sadly this can result in non-working code when later versions are used.

  • aoLists has been tested in Node.js


  • ExtJS V 3.3
  • Express
  • npm
  • [ExtJS Extensions by Jozef Sakáloš, Cornelius Weiss and Merijn Schering]
  • [SILK Icons by Mark James]


  • Jose E. Gonzalez jr


All code contained herein is distributed under the LGPL 3.0 license, or as described in the code. All code is copyright 2014 Candid.Concept LC.