Agent-oriented programming in Javascript.

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Agent-oriented programming in NodeJS.

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Multi-agent system in the web. Still in beta phase.


npm i aoipifyjs

const Agent = require('aopifyjs');

Example Usage

const jorgito = new Agent('jorgito');
const juana = new Agent('juana');


juana.listen({name: 'greeting'}, jorgito, () => { console.log('JUANA: Hi Jorgito')});
jorgito.tell({name: 'greeting', msg: 'Hi Juana'}, juana);


Package Dependencies

  • linear-algebra
  • topsis
  • uuid
  • moment


GNU v3




  • Eslint v-5.11.1 // AIRBNB Configuration

Linting scripts

  • Error check: npm run lint
  • Error fix: npm run lint or npm run lint -- --fix


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