Apconic server utilities. Contains Custom errors, keycloak auth wrapper etc

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Published Version: 1.0.2

Contains utilities such as Custom Errors, Keycloak Wrapper etc which are shared by various projects at Apconic.

  1. CustomErrors
    Extended Error classes which contains http error code and error message, which are sent to client when API request encounters an error.
    Also contains an errorHandler to handle CustomErrors as well as general errors

    Future release: Internationalized error message.
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  2. Home server authenticator
    An injectable (refer: InversifyJS) Authenticator class to be used for authentication on API requests. Also contains a Mock Authenticator which can be used during development.
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  3. Simple Express Decorators
    Very simple implementation of express decorators. Depends on inversify and Keycloak Authenticator (Module 2).
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