Generate Agile Poker sessions quickly, with estimates and comments

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  import apServerSessionGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ap-server-session-generator';


Agile Poker Server/DC session generator

Use this tool to generate Agile Poker sessions quickly, with estimates and comments.


$ npm install -g ap-server-session-generator


Example usage, which will create 1 interactive and 1 async session on board #5 with admin as moderator and only participant:

$ ap-server-session-generator -m admin:admin --interactive 1 --async 1 --board 5

More participants:

$ ap-server-session-generator -m admin:admin --interactive 1 --board 5 --participants user1:pass1 user2:pass2

Generate sessions 10 async sessions on all available boards:

$ ap-server-session-generator -m admin:admin --async 10 --all-boards

Customize vote values:

$ ap-server-session-generator -m admin:admin --interactive 1 --board 5 --votes S=1 M=2 L=3


  • All sessions will use the estimation field which is configured on board.
  • All issues available on board will be estimated by all participants defined (plus moderator), for async session every participant will also add a comment.
  • For kanban boards make sure to set the estimation field before generating sessions (it's set to None by default and may cause weird results).