Basic set of tools for use in a variety of Apextion Projects

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  import apexUtil from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apex-util';


Debug Tool Documentation

Example of Usage

Instead of console.log() require the tool.js file and call the .debug() method passing in three arguments (title, output, level)

[code] to call a debug() [code] to activate debug_mode

title: String

Should be a string that will prefix the output argument in the resulting console.log()

output: Object

Any object that will be suffixed onto the title argument in the resulting console.log()

level: Integer

A number that indicates how fine grained the output of this particular output should be. Reference the Debug Level Chart

Debug Level Chart

  1. Production Environment Level Output
  2. Staging Environment Level Output
  3. General Debug Information for Development
  4. Very Detailed and in-depth Output.