Module that validates Blueprint files.

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Module that validates Blueprint files.


npm install api-blueprint-validator-module


Creating the validator

var blueprintValidator = require('api-blueprint-validator-module')

Blueprint Parse Warnings

The API Blueprint Validator can be configured to ignore warnings or to fail on them.

Validation Callback

The validation expects a callback function such as:

function (success, validationResults)

success indicates whether the validation has succeed

validationResults is an object containing the used data, errors and warnings:

        data: '',
        errors: [],
        warnings: [] 

File validation

THe blueprint validator can be used to validate a single file or a collection of files. It uses a glob expression to locate files to be validated.

blueprintValidator.parseAndValidateFiles(<<glob expression>>, failOnWarnings, function(success, validationResult))

String validation

String data can also be validated. It is useful when you have the blueprint content available within your process.

blueprintValidator.parseAndValidateFiles(blueprintData, failOnWarnings, function(success, validationResult))


This module uses Drafter.js, which is pre-release from version 1.1.0.

If you want don't want to use Drafter.js you can use version 1.0.x, which uses Protagonist instead.