API Builder Plugins monorepo for api-builder

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API Builder Plugins

This is the main project for API Builder plugins (data connectors and flow nodes).


Clone the repo and run npm install --no-optional. This will install any dependencies and bootstrap the repository.

Installing a branch release

npm install --no-optional @axway/api-builder-plugin-<name>@<rdpp branch>

Build and run tests

  1. npm run bootstrap && npm run build

Summary of development process

  1. Create a test api-builder app
  2. Install test app dependencies
  3. Symlink in the path to your data connector inside your project under <project>/node_modules/@axway/

Alternatively you can npm pack your module and npm install -S <path to your module> directly into your project. This can let you test any install scripts you may be working on.

CI/CD process explained

Much like the api-builder project, branches will create installable versions. For example, branch RDPP-4391 will create an installable version for the api-builder-plugin-dc-mysql module. eg @axway/api-builder-plugin-dc-mysql@RDPP-4391